Brewvine: Renewed Love of Chardonnay at 45 North Vineyard & Winery

45 North Vineyard and Winery in Leelanau County has a renewed love of chardonnay and an exciting summer planned.

Whitney Amann and chief photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us there for this week’s Brewvine.

“We planted a bunch of chardonnay almost two and a half acres more so that more than doubles our production of chardonnay, we make two styles, we make an unwooded style that nowadays is really popular with stainless steel ferment and no oak and no butter and none of that stuff, straightforward fruit and refreshing crisp, it’s really, really nice nut we also have 100% barrel fermented chardonnay,” said winemaker Jay Briggs.

45 North worked closely with Coopers to hone in and make sure their fruit-forward, 2020 chardonnay was enhanced by the barrel and not overpowered by it.

Big, buttery, west coast chardonnays have led a lot of people to adopt the “ABC” or “Anything But Chardonnay” philosophy but Jay says once you try theirs you may just have a change of heart.

“Every time somebody tastes it, they say the same thing, I haven’t like chardonnay in so long or, you know, I don’t normally drink chardonnay but I like this so there’s definitely a style out there,” said Jay. “If they don’t like the oak and buttery, then, you know, steer toward the unwanted or the naked but I would definitely urge them to try some chardonnay from this area, it’s a completely different animal than what it is out west.”

45 North has great options for a hot summer day with a couple refreshing frozen drinks, wine spritzers and a long wine menu to choose from.

They also have a fantastic lineup of music and events.

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