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Mecosta County Sheriff, Prosecutor Announce New Charges in Quadruple Homicide

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The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office and Prosecutor formally announced the name of the suspect and the charges involved with the quadruple homicide that killed a woman and three young children.

51-year-old Charles Gillard of Austin Township in Mecosta County is accused of shooting and killing his wife, 40-year-old Dawn Gillard, and her three children 6-year-old Katelynn Gillard, 4-year-old Ronnie Gillard, and 3-year-old Joshua Gillard on May 27, before turning the gun on himself.

Charles Gillard has been charged with 15 counts:

Count 1–homicide open murder

Count 2–felony firearm

Count 3–homicide open murder

Count 4–felony firearm

Count 5–homicide open murder

Count 6–felony firearm

Count 7–homicide open murder

Count 8–felony firearm

Count 9–child abuse in the first degree

Count 10–child abuse in the first degree

Count 11–child abuse in the first degree

Count 12–child abuse, first degree committed in the presence of another child

Count 13–child abuse, first degree committed in the presence of another child

Count 14–discharge of a firearm in a building causing death

Count 15—felony firearm

“Each of the charged offenses, except for the felony firearm counts, are punishable by maximum of life in prison,” said Mecosta County Prosecutor Amy Clapp.

Mecosta County Sheriff Brian Miller said it was a day he’ll never forget.

“When the call came in, myself and our Undersheriff were at the office in a meeting,” said Mecosta County Sheriff Brian Miller. “The call came in of shots fired and a male with a gun.”

Sheriff Miller said Charles Gillard suffered severe gun wounds to the head, and was transferred to the University of Michigan—where he’ll be released in the next couple of weeks.

“I don’t know if you can ever be ready for what we saw that day…3 young lives,” said Sheriff Miller. “I think it affected everybody that was there present that day. It was very hard for all of us.”

Sheriff Miller said once Charles Gillard is released from the hospital, he will be formally charged.