U.S. Senate Comes to Agreement on Gun Reform

The first signs of bipartisan action on gun control in thirty years are here as the U.S. Senate looks to have a deal.

The bills still have to be written in detail and voted on, but a bipartisan group, including 10 Republicans, have agreed on a rough plan to address the country’s gun laws.

“You know what I like? Is that they’re doing anything,” Said Sen. Rosemary Bayer, of Beverly Hills, “We’re getting excited about anything and it sounds so sad, but it’s true.”Gun Laws Pkg 6 13 2200 00 40 17still001

Senator Bayer has been the chair of the Michigan Senate Gun Safety Task Force for years, Oxford High School is also in her district.

When she sees the feds have an agreement on gun control laws, she was happy. As long as it’s just a start.

“No one has ever said the problem is that we don’t have funding for these bills. It’s never been their excuse for not holding hearings,” said Bayer, “So I don’t know that I don’t have a lot of confidence in the idea that they’re going to provide funding.”

She’s referring to one part of the plan, funding for state’s to pass ‘Red Flag Laws.’ Michigan has those plans drawn up and never voted on. 

The package increases background checks for gun buyers under 21, adds funding for school and mental health resources, protects domestic violence victims and tightens the definition of a federal firearm dealer.

Tom Lambert of Michigan Open Carry says these are not substantive measures. “You simply can’t stop bad people by pushing measures only good people will follow. That goes for both the House and Senate proposals,” he said in a statement.

What it does not have, are any bans of any sort or age requirement.

That doesn’t mean Michigan couldn’t tighten the rules themselves but Bayer says there are no plans to go that far.

“It should be easier to continue to move forward. People see what we’re doing isn’t taking away their guns and isn’t unraveling anybody’s constitutional right,” said Bayer, “We’re not doing any of those things. We’re just adding protection and safety and there will be less fear of that losing my rights thing.”