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Boyne Falls Public School Seniors Finally Home, Ready for Graduation

After returning home from their senior trip to Hawaii, the seniors of Boyne Falls Public Schools will be holding their graduation ceremony Sunday.

The graduation ceremony was postponed by a week, but the seniors are in good shape and are ready to walk the stage Sunday. The seniors will be practicing on Friday, and the ceremony will be held at 4 p.m. in the Boyne Falls Public Schools Gymnasium.

“They’ve certainly learned firsthand adaptability,” said Cindy Pineda, the Superintendent of Boyne Falls Public Schools. “And acceptance and flexibility, all good skills for us to have in life, and so I think those skills will serve them well as they move on. Whether that be college, or work-world or whatever their next step is.”

The superintendent also complemented the seniors on their adaptability with their education through the COVID-19 pandemic as graduation approaches.