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Village of Shepherd, Sugar Bush Corporation Looking to Plant New Maple Trees in Community


The Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival is a time-honored tradition in the area, but over the years, tapping the local Maple trees to turn sap into syrup has taken its toll on the trees.

That’s why the Village of Shepherd and the Shepherd Sugar Bush Corporation are looking for people within village limits to adopt and plant a tree or two on their property.

The Sugar Bush Corporation, who boils sap for maple syrup, purchased over 300 hybrid Sugar Maple trees.

“They’re a fast growing tree and they produce more maple syrup than your average Maples,” said Village Superintendent Steve Davidson.

Davidson said the trees must be planted within village limits, and away from high power lines and gas lines.

Davidson said these trees will be tapped to make syrup.

“They help keep the festival moving forward,” he said. “That was the Sugar Bush’s main reason for buying these trees was replenishing the village.”

For those that live in the village limits that would like a Maple, you can send an email to Davidson at Please include your name, phone number, address, and quantity of trees you would like.