Artist Profile: Katherine Corden

We love to feature local artists here on ‘the four.’
Today’s Artist Profile features a local painter, Katherine Corden, who is inspired by the world around her.

With her mother being an art teacher, Corden grew up with art all around her. But it wasn’t something she envisioned in her future. Corden originally went to school for physical therapy, thinking it would be a more stable career path- but with more time on her hands after grad school, she return to her comfort zone. 2

Corden says, “I find that art is my way of escaping.” Her work is inspired by the places she’s visited, including life in Northern Michigan, and her family.

Most of her artwork is a “patchwork of interesting color combinations.” She likes to paint abstract figures with little wax pastel or graphite details that add more dimension to the piece.

She says, “Artwork in general is so important because it helps us make sense of everything that’s going on in the world.”

CLICK HERE for more information on Katherine’s work.

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