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Witnesses Recognized For Their Efforts in Convicting Rose City Bank Robber


Michigan State Police recognized five women Tuesday for the role they played in convicting the man who robbed a Rose City bank in 2019.

Michael Mier was arrested in September of 2019 for armed robbery. He robbed the Mercantile Bank in Rose City and made false bomb threats to surrounding schools and hospitals. Detective Sergeant Craig Johnson of the Michigan State Police says the witness’ help was crucial.

“Had it not been for the females who worked in that bank, the tellers and that women that lived next to the cemetery, Katie Killackey, we’d probably still be chasing this guy today,” D/Sgt. Johnson admits. “I’ve been doing this a long time and to have that characteristic, to be able to keep you composure under that kind of stress, these girls deserve all the credit they really do.”

Mier was convicted this fall to 47 1/2 to 70 years in prison. A conviction Ogemaw County Prosecutor, LaDonna Schultz says wouldn’t have been possible without the testimony of Tuesday’s honorees. 

“When you have delays in the court system it’s difficult because memories change, people forget. But these witnesses were able to remember and keep what they knew so they could come back in this case two years later and testify in this trial. Without that testimony it would’ve been very difficult to convict Mr. Mier,” Shultz explains.

Tellers from Mercantile Bank, as well as a neighbor that spotted the get-away car testified against Mier back in the fall. Witness, Kayla Raushi, says it’s nice the community is recognizing them, but says they simply did what was necessary.

“We did what we had to do, and what we were told to do, so it was like second nature to us,” Raushi states. “All of us in total working together were able to put him behind bars.”