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What’s Growing: Checking on the Perennials

If you are new to gardening you may not know there’s a difference between flowers.

Last week, we planted annuals, delicate flowers that can’t handle frost. Now, perennials can handle the cold and come back every year and unlike our annual flower bed, we don’t need to add much fertilizer every year.

This bed still has a lot of Flower Doo 201, so it just needs a little to replenish what was used last year.

Justin says you can add some Flower Doo or just add in a quarter-inch of the original Dairy Doo.

Key thing is not to use a lot. You can also add in some Healthy Garden to give the plants nutrients.

The nice thing is these plants are what we call pollinators, they help make everything grow in a way.

Andrea explains it nicely: “Yeah, absolutely. Considering that, you know, this is kind of in the middle of both our vegetable beds and our annual flower beds but also because we have a community garden over here and then our fruit trees behind it. So this is kind of actually like a key component to our little area here to attract pollinator bees so that we can have healthy fruits, but then also happy vegetables as well.”

Some of our flowers are not in the best of shape, so we are adding a light coating of Dairy Doo and scratching it in.

Hopefully, this will give them a boost to get going!