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Lume Cannabis, 42 Degrees Processing Team Up for Park Clean Up in Kalkaska

Two marijuana companies in the Kalkaska area are teaming together to clean up parks around the area.

Lume Cannabis and 42 Degrees Processing, both with locations in Kalkaska, met up at around 2 p.m. Tuesday to clean up local parks around the area, including Chalker Park. Employees from both locations expressed how much they love their local parks, and use them to play sports, games and socialize. Also since the park is so well-loved by children and adults in the community, it deserved a spring cleaning.

“We want our town to be attractive to people who are traveling through,” said Jessica Swift, Human Resources Manager at 42 Degrees Processing. “We’re on a very, very active highway, a lot of families are stopping here to grab lunch. And it’s a part of respecting your surroundings.”

To finish off the day, the group also visited Mill Pond Park and organized another cleanup effort in Kalkaska.