Isabella County Sheriff’s Office Changing How they Handle Calls Until Fuel Budget Renews

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Office is no longer taking non-in-progress calls, non-life-threatening calls or calls that do not require evidence collection or documentation as of Tuesday due to high gas prices exhausting the fuel budget, according to a Facebook post made by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the post, the sheriff’s office has already gone through what funds were budgeted for fuel with several months to go before the budget gets reset. So instead of going out to scenes for every call, deputies will instead try to manage whatever calls are acceptable over the phone.

There will still be deputies patrolling all areas of the county and they will respond to calls that need a person to manage the situation, like calls that are in progress with active suspects, the sheriff’s office says.

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Office would also like to “assure the community that safety is our primary goal, and we will continue to respond to those types of calls.”