U.P. Couple Stays ‘Together in the Storm’ While Waiting for Double Lung Transplant

After spending time at seven hospitals, a Northern Michigan woman’s life changed right before her eyes, and her boyfriend made sure she knew he was going to stand beside her.
A heartfelt story where against all odds, love finds its way– no matter the obstacle. 6

After falling ill in November, Kaitlyn Sterling was put into urgent care, doctors believed it was pneumonia. But after seeing no improvement, she went back to the hospital to get a chest x-ray done. With alarmingly low oxygen levels. Kaitlyn went straight to the ER and was eventually put on life support, and diagnosed with Antisynthetase Syndrome. A rare autoimmune disorder. Now, on a waitlist for a double lung transplant.

Her boyfriend, Stan Myaskovskiy, wanted to make sure that she knew he was here for the long haul. He says, “I wanted to let her know whether it’s a good time you know, everybody’s there when it’s the good times, right, but in so many people when things get tough, they they’re not there. So it was my way of letting her know no matter how tough things get. I’m always going to be there.”

Kaitlyn was transferred to Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids in April, receiving intensive rehabilitation therapy and care. Still using a ventilator to assist her breathing, she’s finally regaining her strength and is able to walk unassisted.

With the help of Kaitlyn’s respiratory nurses, Stan went from boyfriend to fiancé, proposing under the spring blossoms with a special ring.

Mary Free Bed Proposal Stan And Kait 1“It says together in the storm,” says Stan. “If you ever look up like together in the storm, it’s kind of like a couple of walking in the rain with an umbrella. It was a really nice painting as well. So it just that’s kind of the reason I picked it is just, you know, we’re together and whatever the storm brings, or whatever, life throws at us. Myaskovskiy made it a memorable moment, planning everything from hair and makeup, to picking out her dress and shoes, and Mary Free Bed Hospital even took professional photos of the couple.

Everything is really about perspective. Stan and Kaitlyn are keeping a positive outlook.

If you’d like to help Stan and Kaitlyn during this difficult time, please donate to their Go Fund Me, HERE.

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