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Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Asking People to Plant Native Plants

June 5-11 is National Garden Week and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is asking to public to help prevent the spread of invasive species while landscaping.

While selecting plants and flowers, homeowners should keep in mind the impact those plants may have on the surrounding areas. Invasive Species Management Program Coordination Vicki Sawicki says to be aware of over-spreading or fast-spreading plants that could possibly take over our native species.

“When they’re brought up against these more highly evolved plants, they’re kind of super competitors that our plants can’t necessarily compete for resources,” said Sawicki.

Sawicki recommends finding a native plant nursery to replace possible invasive species. Planting natives not only prevents invasiveness, but it helps native pollinators such as butterflies and moths.

Sawicki says 40-60% of our native pollinators are specialists, so having native plants helps them survive.