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The Play “Dear Camp” Returns for Encore Performances

Dear Camp

A group of performers from the Detour and Drummond Island areas in Chippewa County are bringing back a popular performance.

This weekend, the encore of “Dear Camp” will be held at the EUP Fine Arts council in Detour. It kicks off tonight 7 p.m.

“Dear Camp” is about a hunter who died and left his journal behind at the camp… His widow and other women take dear camp over and….well….they say it’s quite entertaining. The creator of the show, Lisa Macdonald and the director, Dave Rhinard say, “They find the camp journal, and as they read the camp journal, they suspect he had been having an affair with one of the other women. There is a blizzard. It’s funny but also poignant. There is language and adult situations. It has worked very well. The script is very user friendly and very believable. It’s been very nice and a lot of fun. A lot of camaraderie!”

All proceeds support the Fine Arts Council. Other showings are taking place Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

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