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Roscommon County Fire and Rescue Crews Respond to Fire at Brook of Houghton Lake Assisted Living Community

Fire and rescue crews from all over Roscommon County responded to afire at the Brook of Houghton Lake Assisted Living Community around 5:30 p.m. Friday afternoon.

They say smoke was first seen coming out of a wing in the center. They believed that the smoke was coming from the attic. Crews say they were able to contain the fire to that wing. They say everyone is accounted for and no one was hurt, but they did have to find somewhere else to stay for the night.

“The roof structure is completely gone. However, we were able to do some salvage work in the apartments below so there’s not a total loss of residents belongings,” said Chief Joe Williams of the Roscommon Fire Department.


A temporary shelter was established at the Roscommon Township Hall.

Firefighters are still searching for the cause of the fire.

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