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Former Mt. Pleasant Director of Public Safety and Police Chief Marty Trombley Dies from Heart Failure

Former Mt. Pleasant Director of Public Safety and Police Chief Marty Trombley died from heart failure Friday.

“Marty reshaped the culture of the Mt. Pleasant Division of Public Safety,” current Director of Public Safety and Police Chief Paul Lauria said. “Many of us were hired by Marty and were thereby fortunate to play an active role in this transformative period. He has positively influenced not only those of us that worked with him, but the law enforcement profession as a whole.”

Trombley joined the Mt. Pleasant Police Department as Director and Police Chief in 1980. He held that position until his retirement in 1998. The police department says that Trombley was known for “his innovative thinking, dedication to continuous training, relationship building, mentoring and unwavering tenacity.”

Trombley worked to expand the experiences for officers through special assignments, like BAYANET, according to MPPD. He worked with the State of Michigan in developing this unit, and even helped establish the protocols for it.

Trombley established weekly chiefs meetings, where heads of the area’s five police agencies would meet to share information and coordinate efforts, according to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. He also formed the Isabella County Traffic Unit.

He met with school officials to discuss the importance of placing officers in schools, which led to the formation of the Youth Service Unit, Mt. Pleasant Police Department says.

According to MPPD, Trombley worked with CMU students, namely in the containment of the End of World parties, and developing the CMU Student Neighborhood Watch Programs.

Even after retirement, the MPPD says Trombley was still “dedicated to law enforcement.” He conducted state-wide seminars, workshops and assessment centers.

Former Mt. Pleasant Public Safety Director and Police Chief Bill Yeagley said, “Marty’s mentoring, teaching, and encouragement played a vast role in the positive development of so many law enforcement professionals, myself included. Marty was all about others.”

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