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The One Up XP Show

One Up XP Show Podcast: Steven Robinson Jr., Siena Heights Esports Director - One Year Later, Part 1

Steven Robinson Jr. – you might now know that name right now but after this podcast you will never forget the name.

A person who is driven by hard work and dedication to be the best has taken over the reins at Siena Heights Esports program! This mans story from where he started to how he got to Siena Heights is wild. Football, coaching, teaching and building a program from the ground up all before he stepped up to Siena’s challenge.

Now one year into his tenure at Siena Heights he is building a program that anyone can be proud of. I can easily say this man gave me the jolt and positivity needed to keep things rolling smoothly and to push myself to be better. A walking beacon of light and I am sure you will agree after you listen to this podcast!

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