Inside The Kitchen at Cluck Bucket in Ludington

Sheri Eaton used to vacation in Ludington.

“As a kid we would come camping at the State Park every summClucker, spent every fourth of July here at the parade downtown,” she said.

Her family moved here four years ago and noticed a vacant lot.

So they turned it into Cluck Bucket in 2019, rolling in the food truck and the pit.

“This is where the magic happens,” Sheri said as she described the pit.

“Some people taste summer, some people taste that smokiness from the pit, but everybody just loves it and I think it’s because we do we care about what we make,” she said.

That’s why their slogan is “Eatin’ Good.”

“Our last name is Eaton, so we say it’s more than a slogan, it’s family,” Sheri said.

The Barnett family says it’s one of their favorite places to stop in the summer.

Marissa Barnett usually reaches for the nachos.

“They’re crispy, the chip just crunches it’s so good, but then you’ve got the red sauce on top, so instead of a creamy cheese you’ve got the red sauce,” Marissa described.

“It’s like our little liquid gold, only it’s red,” Sheri said.

“At night it’s our summer staple, we will go and eat our dinner at the beach,” Marissa said.

“We have loved Ludington, came here this is like our Walt Disney,” Sheri said.

That’s why Sheri says she loves hearing people come back year after year.

Giving people a place to make their own memories, just like her family used to while visiting *their favorite place.

“To know that I am now one of their spots just blesses me,” Sheri said.

You can find Cluck Bucket at 88 S Pere Marquette Highway in Ludington, or call them at 231-907-0370.

For more information, click here.

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