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Sault Area High School Seniors’ Artwork Displayed for “Senior Art Walk”

Several store fronts in downtown Sault Ste. Marie were plastered with artwork from high school seniors.

This is the third year for the “Senior Art Walk.” Around two dozen artists displayed their work.

Sault Area High School Art Teacher Anne White says the event started when the pandemic stopped the previous in-school “Evening with the Arts” program. Eleven local businesses let the students display their art.

Some of the students even sold some of their work. One student says painting helps her cope.

“Art is like my happy place,” said Lillian McKee, a senior at Sault Area High School. “It is a place where I go when I am stressed or my mental health isn’t good. There is always a paint brush and a pallet of paint and I just see what my hand does and this is usually what I come up with!”

McKee’s goal is to become a social worker after college.

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