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Brewvine: New Summer Sips and Seats at Hawthorne Vineyards

For this week’s Brewvine, Whitney Amann and chief photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to on Old Mission Peninsula where they’re trying out some new things this summer that you won’t want to miss.

“This is the first time we’ve had indoor seating in Hawthorne’s history here so we want to create a little more of the kind of wine bar feel where people can come in, they can hang out, do a flight and get a glass,” said tasting room manager Chris Watkins. “We’re really looking forward to spending that time with the customers again.”

Seating isn’t the only new thing you’ll find in the tasting room.

Hawthorne also has a brand new wine that they’ve been working on for years.

“Hawthorne has never done a sparkling wine before so we wanted to do it right so we this wine is a 2017 vintage so we just brought it out now so this wine is literally years in the making and we did it with a traditional style, champagne style,” said Chirs. “It has chardonnay grapes, pinot noir, pinot meunier grapes in there and we let it sit on the leaves so we leave to find yeast in there and it just really enhances that flavor profile so it’s a very nice crisp brut style wine.”

In addition to the new bubbly, you’ll also see some old favorites making their return to the winery this summer.

“The lemburger is always a very popular wine of our sells out pretty fast we only do about 80 to 100, 120 cases of that same thing with the cab franc merlot but people have really enjoyed our limburger,” he said “That’s the same grape is blau frankish by the way that’s just as a couple of different names there but that one full bodied red and nice kind of peppery notes to it, nice dark berry in there and then the cab franc merlot, that’s the boldest, this wine that Hawthorne does and so that one gets 33 months being barrel aged so another wine literally years in the making there and they just nice and bold red dark, very nice oaky notes and they’re really popular wine as well.”

And with those popular wines back in stock, you’ll definitely want to make reservations.

“Especially if you have more people in your party to make a reservation when you can, if you didn’t make one and you want to pop in, we’ll figure it out but any time it’s a good idea, but definitely on the weekends I would make a reservation,” said Chris.