Huron Pines To Use $300k USDA Grant to Implement Barriers for Prescribed Fires

Huron Pines in Gaylord has taken the opportunity of a grant provided by the USDA to help with the availability of prescribed fires in northern Michigan.

The USDA Forest Service Eastern Region distributed over $4.1 million in grants to help with restoring the health of the Northeast and Midwest rural forest landscapes.

As part of the Landscape Scale Restoration competitive grant program, Huron Pines received about $300,000 to make it possible to implement the barriers for prescribed fires, which is a controlled fire used to manage certain landscapes that may cause natural wildfires that would be harder to control.

Prescribed fires can also improve the health of the forests in the area, a tool northern Michigan has been without for some time. Huron Pines plans to use the grant to acquire equipment and staff, provide training and prescribe fires in a collaborative way.

“Prescribed fire is a great tool for reducing hazardous fuel build-up in forests, improving the health of those forests that are also suffering from non-native insects, pests, and pathogens, and so Prescribed fire will help to improve the health of the forest while also improving community safety,” said Steven Woods, conservation stewardship director at Huron Pines.

Huron Pines also wants to educate the citizens of northern Michigan on prescribed fires, and the benefits associated with it, how it can be done safely and the different steps they take to decrease risks.