Cadillac Man Charged With Stalking, Impersonating a Police Officer

Porter Mug

A Cadillac man has been charged after impersonating a Wexford County deputy in a voicemail to his ex-wife, according to Michigan State Police.

In February, a Clam Lake Township woman told troopers that her ex-husband, Joseph Porter, 39, of Cadillac, had been continuously calling and harassing her.

Troopers say Porter left a message on his ex-wife’s voicemail identifying himself as a Wexford County deputy and asked to speak with her about something she had stolen from him.

Porter also falsely reported that his ex-wife threatened him with a gun and stated she was going to bomb his house, according to Michigan State Police.

An arrest warrant for Porter was issued on May 13, and Porter was arrested four days later. He was charged with one count of stalking, one count of impersonating a peace officer, one count of false report of a felony and a habitual offender third offense notice.

Porter is expected back in court in late May.