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Gaylord Community Prays for Healing

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Folks in Gaylord gathered Wednesday at St. Mary Cathedral to pray for those who were affected by last week’s tornado. Although homes are gone and businesses have been destroyed, the tornado has only brought this community closer.

Jerry Belanger is the Principal for St. Mary Cathedral School as well as one of tonight’s organizers. He says Wednesday night was a night to reflect and pray for healing.

“We want to remember the souls of the people that died. Also, pray for healing. We want to pray for our first responders and just thankfulness, thankfulness for our community. Thankful for God’s blessing and that we don’t ever forget what a kind wonderful country we have,” Belanger states.

The tornado ran right in between the school and the parish. Nothing was destroyed, but the athletic fields got roughed up. Although Belanger says it didn’t take long for people to step up.

“Saturday morning there were people coming in through town with trucks, trailers and chainsaws. And I mean groups of 30, 40 just walking from house to house saying, ‘what can we do,'” Belanger recalls.

As the hymns began, Belanger took a moment to say he’s proud to live in a country and within a community that steps up when people are in need.

“You know, God is good. There’s a goodness out there and sometimes we forget that in this culture and in our times. But just the wonderful caring for one another and cleaning up,” Belanger says. “It’s been wonderful, as terrible as it was, just to see that healing and the help.”