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Gaylord Community Continues to Assist Tornado Victims Amidst Devastation

Many in Gaylord have suffered total loss following a tornado on Friday, yet the support being felt all around the community is unmatched.

Everyone in Gaylord is coming together to do what they can right now to help their friends, families and neighbors. Farm Bureau Insurance of Gaylord is giving out free totes to anyone who’s been impacted by the storm. They can stop by anytime and pick them up.

“We’re all trying to figure out small things that we can do to help, and so this is one small thing,” said Adam Korson, an agent at Farm Bureau Insurance in Gaylord. “We were asking what people needed and a lot of people are having to pack up their homes, so we’re like, okay, well where are they going to put those things? It’s like a sort of toaster kind of where that stemmed from.”

Goodwill Northern Michigan is currently working on plans to rebuild as soon as possible.

“You know, when I first arrived on the scene, I was just, I was just amazed that the team made it through there that we had on duty and that they’re fine with no serious injuries,” said Robert Randall, COO of Goodwill Northern Michigan. “I just look at all the destruction and it’s just, we’re so fortunate that so many more people weren’t injured or killed.”

For those still seeking immediate clothing or essentials, they’re giving out free vouchers to use at any of their other nearby locations.

“We’re working to partner with United Way of Otsego County,” said Randall. “We’ll be giving them vouchers that can be distributed here in the community, they can be used at our other locations that remain open, such as Cheboygan, Petoskey, Charlevoix, Traverse City, helping in any of those locations.”

Available resources can be found below:

  • American Red Cross at E-Free Church in Gaylord