Denise Busley Recognized on a National Level for Work Against Child Sexual Abuse

A local Traverse City woman is getting recognized on a national level.

Denise Busley has been advocating against child sexual abuse for 13 years.

“Children’s lives have been changed because of Denise Busley, and they may never meet her. She doesn’t necessarily need them to meet her,” said Sue Boldee, Executive Director of Public Will Campaign to end Sexual Child Abuse.

Busley helped open the doors at Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center, a place that helps bring help, hope and healing to child victims of sexual and physical abuse.

“Denise gives with the currency of love. She loves community, loves children, loves parents of children, and she loves people who help children,” said Busley. “When you give through the energy of love how Denise does, well, then everything is possible.”

Busley also helped start several child abuse awareness campaigns.

“They call this an unspeakable thing. Child sexual abuse is an unspeakable thing. The unspeakable thing is that we’re not talking about it. This should be table talk,” said Denise Busley, Child Advocate.

The National Children’s Alliance in Washington D.C. announced Busley would receive the community philanthropy and leadership award.

“People at the CAC every day hear hideous stories from beautiful children, and they show up the next hear more stories, and they heal more children,” said Busley. “I’m humbled that I would be recognized in any way because those are the folks that do the hard work.”

This award is only fueling Busley to keep fighting for children. She says her work is far from over.

“I want to live in a world free of the sexual abuse of children. I want to live to see that world. I think I can live to see that world. It’s up to us to use our voices and use our knowledge,” said Busley.