Inside The Kitchen at P&L Sammich Barista in Manistee

Patricia Shick spends each day stacking and slicing at P&L Sammich Barista in Manistee.

“We are basically a build your own sandwich so you can ask for whatever you want,” she explained.

The Manistee restaurant just opened in March.

But it wasn’t Patricia’s idea.Sammy

It’s was friend Elizabeth’s dream to open a little sandwich shop, but she died in January 2021.

That’s when Elizabeth’s husband called Patricia asking her to start it up.

“I feel proud her husband asked me to do that,” she explained.

She put her travel plans on hold so her friend’s dream wouldn’t fall flat.

“I know that’s what she wanted, and Jimmy is a really nice guy too, he is a sweetheart,” she said. “I love him too, I would do anything for either one of them.”

It would be called P&L Sammich Barista.

It is a combination of Patricia’s name, and an L for Elizabeth’s name because her friends called her Liz.

“’Sammich’ is how she said sandwich,” Patricia said. “She’s originally from down south, and that’s what they say in Alabama is ‘sammich’ so that’s why we put the ‘sammich’ in.”

Patricia’s granddaughter, Lizzie, works by her side every day.

“She is kind of like my best friend, so I love it here working with her,” said Lizzie Carroll.

“Lizzie is a good girl, she is a hard worker and I love her, what can I say,” said Patricia.

The duo never loses sight of what brought them here in the first place.

“I think she would be really proud and happy to see us doing it for her, she really wanted to do it,” said Lizzie.

“I think she would be ecstatic because this is what she wanted, I still believe she is here with us,” said Patricia.

You can find P&L Sammich Barista at 375 River Street, or call them at 231-489-8358.

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