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5 Loaves 2 Fish Holds First of Three Events to Raise Homelessness Awareness

Awareness surrounding homelessness in northern Michigan is growing and this time, art is being used to bring it into the spotlight.

5 Loaves 2 Fish, an organization dedicated to feeding homeless people in the Traverse City Area, is holding three events at the Main Street Gallery in Leland to inform about the struggles that the homeless face.

Tuesday night was the first night of their three part series. Part one is called “Home Sweet Homelessness”, a game designed to simulate poverty. It shows everyone not only how easy it can be to fall into poverty but how difficult it is to get out.

“You have to go through the board and obtain all your documents before you can finish,” said Ryan Hannon, Community Engagement Officer, Goodwill Northern Michigan. “So, even if you go through the game, and get to the finish line, you cannot progress to the end until you roll enough times to get the documents you need. The documents you need to sign a lease could be a state ID or a driver’s license. A lot of times programs require a birth certificate and/or a social security card.”

The other two events are also at the Main Street Gallery. One a discussion panel on June 21 and the second is a concert on August 23.

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