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State Rep. John Damoose Makes Special Visit to Pickford Elementary

107th District State Representative John Damoose visited Pickford Elementary School in Chippewa County Monday morning to field questions from students.

Questions that they wanted to ask back in March.

Fourth graders from Pickford were stuck in Mackinaw City for several hours March 24 after falling ice closed the Mackinac Bridge.

Damoose made a special trip to Mackinaw City that long night to see what he could do to help ease the stress of the situation. The students had a lot of questions for Damoose that night, so their teacher invited him up.

“It was sort of an adventure for them but not so much for their parents,” said Rep. Damoose. “These are wonderful kids. I love talking to kids. I’m so impressed talking to them today, they know so much about this stuff. Our future is in good hands if this is the way we are teaching our kids.”

The questions ranged from veto power to laws to Ukraine, and even the paranormal.