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Gaylord High Students Return to School, Host Field Day to Benefit Charity


To bring students together following Friday’s devastating tornado, Gaylord High School’s student council put on a field day for the high school that was originally scheduled for last Friday.

The field day is part of the student council’s charity week they host every year. This year’s charity fundraiser benefits the Karing Home Youth Project, which helps people experiencing homelessness get back on their feet by supplying essential items.

“Since I’ve been alive this has never happened, so I know a lot of me and my friends, a lot of kids that go to Gaylord High School went to different neighborhoods and the fairgrounds yesterday and were helping pick up and everything,” said Gaylord High School student council president Lily Wieber. “It’s definitely a huge shock and it’s very sad.”

Students raised more than $10,000 over the past week selling shirts, ice cream and more. They also collected donations on Monday to be able to participate in field day and have raised thousands more.