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Better Business Bureau Provides Tips on How to Help with Gaylord Tornado Recovery

If you’re looking to help with relief efforts in Gaylord following Friday’s EF-3 tornado, the Better Business Bureau says to start by using well known charities.

These include and Those two charities are on the ground in Gaylord providing relief.

With many crowd-funding campaigns already underway for those in need, the Better Business Bureau also recommends that those who donate do the following:

  • Give to people and organizations you already know.
  • Review the crowdfunding site before giving as some sites post better than others.
  • Review the site’s description of their procedures to make sure your money is going where you intend it.
  • Check and see if the post describes how the funds will be used.
  • Do not assume that pictures represent an official connection to the person of family.

If you see a suspicious donation request, report it to the Better Business Bureau by


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