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Otsego County United Way Leading Volunteer Efforts in Gaylord

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The Otsego County United Way says people from all over the state have been asking how they can help after a tornado touched down in Gaylord on May 20.

“We’re going to be doing thing all across the board to help people,” said Otsego County United Way Assistant Executive Director Megan Hacker.

Hacker said since the tornado touched down, it’s been a busy two days.

“The donations that have come in, and we’re getting constant texts and emails and Facebook messages, what can we bring, what do you need, how can we help,” Hacker said.

Right now—they’re taking donations of all kinds.

“We have a ton of clothes shoes baby items,” said Hacker. “We have lots and lots of stuff right now.”

And they’re helping direct volunteers to areas that need the most help.

“The best suggestion is go out and find your neighbors that are busy cleaning up because there’s so much damage,” Hacker said.

The Otsego County United Way is for future volunteer jobs.

“We’re going to have continued volunteer opportunities come up so we can send that information out in an email,” Hacker said.

Hacker said it may take months for the community to feel “back to normal”, but she said it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

“We’re Gaylord strong, you know, we’re together in this,” Hacker said.

The Otsego County United Way will be moving their resource hub to their location on 116 East 5th Street in Gaylord.