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Time for Spring, But Not the Time for Planting Flowers

Promo Image: Time for Spring, But Not the Time for Planting Flowers
Spring Flowers Garden
Cherry Street Market

Spring is here, but that doesn’t mean Mother Nature is truly ready for you to get out in the garden and start planting. Many people look to Mother’s Day as the time to go shopping for spring flowers. But in northern Michigan that’s a bit too soon.

While we’ve already had temperatures in the 80’s, we’ve also had some spots get below freezing overnight – with frost in some places this week. At Cherry Street Market in Kalkaska, they say Memorial Day weekend is the time to get those plants in the ground.

Aaron Kreyger says, “I would say even though you’re very excited that it’s warm, just wait. Because Sunday is supposed to be a low 34 degrees at night which would be frost. So if you do buy right now, put your plants out during the day and then maybe put them in the garage for nighttime.”

Experts say you can also cover your plants in burlap or with a bed sheet – but don’t use plastic. It traps moisture and in cold temps that can make things even worse.