Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources Raises State Park Seasonal Pay to $15 an Hour

In an effort to fill about 400 vacancies at state parks ahead of the summer season, seasonal workers will now be paid $15 an hour, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

“We decided we needed to raise our hourly rate in order to stay competitive with other job opportunities for teens, young adults and retirees,” said DNR Parks and Recreation Chief Ron Olson. “We think this rate increase will help, but we also want to remind people that we offer a positive work atmosphere and opportunities to explore a career in parks and recreation and natural resources management.”

The previous hourly rate of pay was between $10.20 to $12 an hour, depending on the region and applicant’s experience.

The new hourly pay rate will go into effect Sunday, May 29, according to the DNR, and is available to all new seasonal park workers or anybody previously hired for the summer.

The DNR is looking for about 400 people to fill in for 1,300 seasonal park workers that are needed each year to meet the needs of the summer travel season. Positions are flexible (up to 1,040 hours between April and October), offer the opportunity to work through October 15 and may qualify for academic or internship credit.

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