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Grand Traverse County Project Bringing 43 Luxury Storage Barns To Traverse City

There’s a new development at the gateway of Traverse City with 43 luxury storage barns coming to Blair Township.

The project is named “M-37 Round About Barn” for its location. The facility will allow for high-end asset utilization and storage.

Developers say it’s perfect for the many people looking for a place to store and work on their northern Michigan-related hobby equipment such as boats and classic cars.

They also say that businesses will be able to operate out of their own barn location.

“As it relates to the business aspect, if you put up a quality building more and more all the time, businesses are working in the field or out in the community.” said Chris Washburn, M-37 Roundabout Barns developer. “They’re going to be out in the field, but they need a nice commercial structure to come back to.”

Ground excavation begins next month, and ten barns are expected to be built by October.