MyNorth Vacation Guide Takes You to Benzie, Manistee & Cadillac Spots

There are so many places to visit in the summer in Northern Michigan.

The MyNorth Vacation guide is out just in time to help you plan a trip.

One of the MyNorth Vacation Guide sections includes Benzie, Manistee and Cadillac.

It will help you plan a perfect summer day in the northwest area of Northern Michigan.

Start the day off with a family-friendly activity by going to the Historical White Pine Village in Ludington.

They have 30 original buildings from Mason County spanning from the 1840s to the 1950s.

“The village was founded around the first Mason County Courthouse, so we have the 1849 Mason County Courthouse in its original location,” Said Rebecca Berringer, Executive Director of the Mason County Historical Society. “We also have the Trapper’s Cabin. It was a trapper’s cabin located in Custer, Michigan, where the first Mail deposit was.”

There will be first-person interpreters throughout the village from Memorial to Labor Day.

“It’s a good reminder for people to see that life has been difficult before in that we can get through those times, and we will get through those times,” said Berringer. “It’s a great way for people to come out and experience that, and I think to get a sense of hope when things sometimes feel a little overwhelming at the moment.”

Historical White Pine Village also has living history days once a month.

“That’s when our sawmill will operate. We’ll have volunteers out on the grounds doing different demonstrations. They’ll be doing punch ornaments and tin ornaments in the artisan center, working on looms. We often will have a blacksmith on site,” said Berringer.

Next, head up to Beulah to spend the afternoon at St. Ambrose Cellars to sip on a wide range of wine, beer or their specialty mead.

“The whole journey we’ve had around our honeybees because we make our own honey for our meads. It’s been so satisfying to take the honey and create a beverage that’s so well respected and loved by so many people,” said Kirk Jones, Founder of St. Ambrose Cellars.

On top of the drinks, St. Ambrose has something new in time for summer.

“We’ve graduated from our food truck, and now we have a beautiful pizza kitchen with a Wood fired pizza oven,” said Jones.

Nothing pairs better with St. Ambrose food and drinks than some live music.

“We’re going to have our beautiful lawn opened and have music seven days a week,” said Jones. “We have just a great people here and great staff. It’s a great place to bring your animals, dogs, and children.”

Head to Primos BBQ and Willow Market & Meats in Cadillac for dinner.

“We offer excellent barbecue along with our full deli menu of sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, and it’s a place where you can also get a craft beer if you want to have or cider with your meal,” said Leo Cornell, Manager of Primos BBQ and Willow Market & Meats.

You can take the meal outside and enjoy the summer evening on their patio or in the greenhouse.

“It gives you the indoor-outdoor experience both because we have baffles on the side that come down, giving you fresh air and sunlight,” said Cornell.

To end the day stay in Cadillac and watch the sunset at the clam lake canal.

“It’s a beautiful area, and there’s a lot to do. There’s boating, fishing, hiking, and whatever you want to do in the Cadillac area. You can pretty much find it here,” said Cornell.

The MyNorth Vacation Guide is free! You can get a free digital download or order a physical copy online.

Here are some local spots to pick it up in person:

  • Brew in downtown Traverse City
  • Benzie Chamber of Commerce
  • Northport Visitor’s Center
  • Castle Farms
  • Legs Inn in Cross Village