Flood Damage Could Cost City of Big Rapids Upwards of $2.2 Million

Big Rapids could be spending millions of dollars to repair flood damage after severe storms moved through the area last week.

The most significant damage is at the culvert over Mitchell Creek on Hemlock Street between the Big Rapids Roller Rink and the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety, according to Big Rapids City Commissioner Jonathan Eppley. The culvert should be replaced completely, which could cost between $2 million and $2.2 million.

The city declared a state of emergency during the flooding to be eligible for state funding. A couple days later, the county followed suit. The Mayor of Big Rapids says although money from the state will not be all that they need, it will help.

“When you put us bother together, we then petition the emergency management of the state and they are thinking we may qualify for some emergency money,” said Fred Guenther, Big Rapids Mayor. “It won’t be the kind of money we need, but it could be some amount.”

Other areas that experienced damage include the following:

  • Base of the Baldwin Street Bridge – $12,000 to repair.
  • Culvert over Mitchell Creek on Pine Street – $12,500 to repair.
  • Culvert on Michigan Avenue – $35,900 to repair.