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SAFE Northern Michigan Program, Students Create Three PSAs on Underage Drinking

High school students from Antrim, Charlevoix and Emmet Counties are taking a stand against underage drinking before their proms with a simple message of “it’s not worth it.”

The SAFE Program, a program that educates students about substance abuse in northern Michigan, created three public service announcement videos involving students from Antrim, Charlevoix and Emmet County school districts.

The videos allow the students to share their own views on how underage drinking can affect them and their peers in the long run, and to share their concerns.

Students pointed out that the most serious consequences can range from a lack of brain development, missing out on extracurricular activities and, in most serious consequences, death from driving under the influence along with criminal charges.

“These are peers sending other peers messages, and so we’re really youth-led, adult guided and so we want to find the resources for the students to share the messages that they want to share with their peers,” said Nichole Flickema, SAFE Northern Michigan Project Coordinator.

To watch the PSAs, or to find out more information about the northern Michigan SAFE program,