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DNR Still Identifying Hot Spots in Blue Lakes Fire, All Roads Reopened

As Michigan Department of Natural Resources fire crews continue to identify hot spots within the 2,516-acre Blue Lakes Fire, all nearby roads and the Black River have re-opened.

Although the fire is mostly contained, people are asked to be careful and to watch out for snags, burned trees that can fall without warning.

It’s also normal to see some smoke in the fire area, but pets and people should avoid walking in these areas. The DNR recommends that people stay on the roads and keep their pets on leashes.

If you are driving through the area, reduce your speed and watch for increased movement of wildlife. It is normal for wildlife to move from their home areas to avoid flames and seek new habitats, according to the DNR.

This includes elk, deer, porcupines, turkeys and a scarlet tanager, which have been spotted returning to the burned-over area.

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