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Charlevoix Historical Society Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary With Re-Enactments

Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of the Charlevoix Historical Society, and some big events are taking place to mark the occasion.

Over the past 50 years, the Charlevoix Historical Society has become a large part of the historical preservation of the area, starting in the 1870’s as a way for those interested in history to preserve what they had discovered.

On May 18, 1972, the modern Charlevoix Historical Society was incorporated. The society has created a massive collection of significant historical photographs over the years, along with 19th Century glass plate negatives.

To celebrate the occasion, the historical society plans on holding historical re-enactments of key events in Charlevoix, ranging from the beginning of the society in 1879 to the early 1970’s, which is being held at the historic Charlevoix Train Depot at 7 p.m.

“We’re celebrating, as much as anything with the jubilee is all the people that came before us, the leaders and their dedication, without them, it wouldn’t have happened,” said Denise Fate, president of the Charlevoix Historical Society. “It’s not a given that you survive 50 years, and we’re proud that we have, and hope to go another 50 or 150.”

New members of the Charlevoix Historical Society can also celebrate the occasion by joining for the 1972 rate of $2 before June 30.