Nonprofit Center Housing Several Organizations to Help People Out of Poverty

The William and Janet Strickler Nonprofit Center is open in Mt. Pleasant.

“It’s important to have a place like this so that community members can have one central place to go to, to hopefully meet a significant portion of their needs,” said Jill Bourland, President of William and Janet Strickler Nonprofit Center.

Five agencies that focus on helping people get out of poverty are making the center their home.

“It is so great to be inside the Strickler Nonprofit center with the other agencies because we are serving the same group of people,” said Julia Eigenbrood, Executive Director for The Care Store. “Many of our guests have a hard time with transportation or gas prices.”

Clothing INC. is one of the nonprofits in the center. They make sure people in need have clothing and, at the same time, give them a realistic shopping experience.

“Unfortunately, clothes are one of the most expensive things. If you’re going to go without something, you’re going to go without clothes,” said Bryan Chapman, Executive Director for Clothing INC.

People can go to Clothing INC. every four months for items. Everything is free, but they are given a budget to stick to.

“For people to come in and be able to find the things that they need is really, really a game-changer for them,” said Chapman. “It really does change how you behave. It changes how you’re treated. It changes how you treat people.”

Another organization in the center is the Community Compassion Network. They have a food pantry, infant pantry and nutrition club.

“I think it’s very hard for a lot of people to ask for help,” said Peg Simon, Board Chair of Community Compassion Network. “If we make it as comfortable, warm and appealing as possible, they’re going to come back when they need to and feel better about the choice, a very hard choice that they made to come in and get food.”

The Care Store is also in the center.

“We have products like laundry detergent, toilet paper, feminine project products, and things like that that people can’t get with their bridge card,” said Eigenbrood.

Other nonprofits in the William and Janet Strickler Nonprofit Center include the AARP Foundation and Adoption Option.