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Four Northern Michigan Routes Recommended For New Alternative Fuel Corridors

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has recommended seven Michigan routes for new Alternative Fuel Corridors, which are transportation routes that will build out electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

“The corridors will complement our ongoing efforts to fix our transportation infrastructure, install electric vehicle chargers, and create tens of thousands of good-paying auto jobs,” said Gov. Whitmer. “Today’s AFC nominations will help Michigan continue leading the future of mobility and electrification by making our roads and bridges more accessible to electric vehicles.”

The AFCs will be built using Michigan’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure funds from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Among the seven recommendations were four northern Michigan routes, which include the following:

  • US-31 (from Manistee north/northeast to US-131)
  • US-131 (from Petoskey north to Mackinac Bridge)
  • US-2 (from Mackinac Bridge to west Michigan)
  • US-127 (from Roscommon south to about Jackson)
  • A map of current AFC routes can be found by .

The routes were chosen with a focus centered on the support of electric vehicle adoption and the elimination of range anxiety, along with Michigan’s role as part of a national and regional electric vehicle network.

Michigan has submitted corridors through the AFC process for five years and has already designated portions of I-94, I-96, I-69, I-75 and US-131 as AFCs. These include segments that were “pending,” which means there was potential for more fueling/charging infrastructure, or “ready,” which means the minimum number of services required were met.

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