Wilwin Lodge a Veterans Retreat Receives a $10,000 Donation

Wilwin Lodge, a veterans retreat in Mason County, got a very generous donation right in time for the season.

Wyandotte Auxiliary 217, run by Cari Solomon, donated $10,000 to the retreat.

The money will go towards emergency repairs and keeping things up to date around the grounds.

When one of the managers found out about the donation, she said she cried.

“It’s heartfelt. It touches your heart because we’re doing what we do out of love for the veterans that come here,” Barbara Miller, Manager at Wilwin Lodge. “We’ve seen a lot of differences and some of them because they are repeat visitors. It’s something that you don’t really want to do. It’s something you’re called to do.”

Veterans can visit Wilwin Lodge once a year and stay up to five days.

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