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Grand Traverse Co. Sheriff’s Office Investigating Threats Made Against Grand Traverse Academy

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a caller who made threats against Grand Traverse Academy on Saturday.

Central Dispatch received calls around 2 p.m. from a male suspect, saying he had planted several explosive devices at the school—where a student play was taking place.

The caller added that he was on his way to the school with multiple people, armed with rifles.

The sheriff’s office, along with GTA staff, made the decision to cancel the event and safely evacuate the school.

“The sheriff’s office currently has an explosive detection K-9 checking the vacant school property for any explosive devices and a detective who is getting to work on this incident,” said Grand Traverse County Capt. Chris Clark.

Capt. Clark says the sheriff’s office is actively investigating the identity of the caller.

“As usual, we take all school threats very seriously, as we should and deploy as many responsible resources that we have to make sure it is safe.”