Local Parents Struggle to Find Baby Formula

The national baby formula shortage is hitting close to home for local parents.

ImageEvart mom Alicia Warwick says finding formula for her four month old, Zayne, has been nearly impossible recently — especially since Zayne takes special formula for his stomach.

“You can’t find it anywhere,” Warwick said. “And if you do find it, it’s not enough.”

The list of stores Warwick has been to keeps growing.

“Big Rapids, I went to Walmart they didn’t have it, Meijer’s didn’t have it,” she said. “Other super centers didn’t have it, dollar stores didn’t have it, I went to both dollar stores and a supermarket here in Evart, and they didn’t have it.”

The Clare County Baby Pantry helps parents where they can with formula donated from the health department.

“The main thing that we have heard is situations where they have a special type of formula that is prescribed,” said Clare County Baby Pantry Board Member Kathy Kerr. “For example, plant based formula or a soy based non-milk formula and so on. They just can’t find it in stores anywhere, and so they will call us to see if we have it available.”

Even then—they may not have what parents are looking for.

“Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t,” Kerr said. “We can only give out what we have on hand and what’s donated to us.”

The pantry says they have a decent supply of regular formula for now.

“All I’ve really heard about have been the special prescribed brands and types,” said Kerr.

But as for parents like Warwick, all she can do is keep looking, while keeping close count of the formula she has now.

“I have 11 cans that should last anywhere from 12-20 days,” she said. “After that what do I do? I just go out looking again from city to city.”

If you need help finding formula, you can find resources here.