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Carson City Lanes- A ‘Striking’ Bowling Alley Frozen in Time

Carson City
Carson 1

“A lot of people stop in because it brings them back in time.”

Taking us back- to the 1950s.

“It was something to look forward to. A fun thing to do and a family thing to do.”

Not too far into Carson City, you can find a big yellow building with some old, vintage windows–
Carson City Lanes, a bowling alley that Keith Dykehouse and his family have owned since 1959.

“Back in the day, there would be leagues every night. Five people on a team, there’s 30 bowlers in here plus, or whoever’s watching,” says Dykehouse.

Bright, lively, and a fun thing to do to get friends together.

He says, “In a small town there’s not really a lot of activities. Being in a small, rural community people like to get together. The place was packed, and that was every night.”

Going from packed…. To empty lanes…
Like many businesses, the pandemic took a toll on them.

“During the year there was so much uncertainty. The deciding factor was we were forced to shut down on March 16, 2020.”

Dykehouse is selling the bowling alley.

“Made a lot of good friends and good memories over the years. I would like to thank all of our loyal customers, and all friends of the family, and friends of my dad,” says Dykehouse.

Hoping someone sees Carson City Lanes as a diamond in the rough…the way he grew up seeing it.

Dykehouse says, “The ball returns, they’re above ground. And the bench seating, they’re the original ones. The original lanes, they’re maple lanes and pine on the back end. We don’t have computerized scoring with the monitors. So these are still done with a paper and pencil…and there’s not too many of them left around like this anymore.”

I asked Mr. Dykehouse, “Are you going to miss this place? Oh yeah. After 62 years, I guess it’d be hard not to.”