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Big Rapids Residents Create Fundraisers to Help With Flooding, Business Start Up Costs

Big Rapids residents are creating fundraisers to help with flooding and business start-up costs, according to GoFundMe.

One fundraiser is for Jordan Hiltunen, whose apartment was flooded with nearly knee-high water after Wednesday’s severe storms flooded the city. He shares the apartment with his wife, Celly, and his sister, Bee.

“We are asking for help because both Celly and I are college students with limited available time to work and all 3 of us have fairly low-paying jobs,” said Hiltunen on his GoFundMe. “We are already operating on a pretty shoestring budget so it would take us many months, if not, a couple years to fully recover from this disaster. We don’t take pride in asking our friends and relatives for money, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”

According to Hiltunen, nobody was injured but because the water was so high, they lost furniture, electronics, books, board games, sentimental photos, important documents, and more.

To view or donate to Hiltunen’s GoFundMe, .

Erik Etchison created another GoFundMe in hopes to raise $5,000 with help from the Big Rapids community to open a jerky company, his dream of more than ten years.

“I’ve been working hard over the last few years perfecting flavors, techniques and plans for the business,” wrote Etchison. “The time has finally come to launch and make this a reality. All funds raised will go directly to purchase equipment (professional grade smoker, refrigeration, butcher scales, moisture detectors, humidity thermometers, vacuum sealers, etc.) and procure licensing through the Agricultural Dept.”

To view or donate to Etchison’s GoFundMe,

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