Parenting With Purpose: Discussing Roe v. Wade With Teens & Pre-teens

As tensions continue to grow over Roe v. Wade, your teens and pre-teens may have a lot of questions.Scotus Roe V Wade 0502

Parenting expert, Reena B. Patel offered these tips to help start the conversation.

Share what it is, and state the facts:

Roe v. Wade is the name of a lawsuit that led to the landmark 1973 U. S. Supreme Court decision, establishing a constitutional right to abortion in the United States.

Some people disagree, and feel that once you are pregnant you can not terminate a pregnancy.

Listen to your child:

Listen to their thoughts and address their questions.

Help them understand what this could mean to their future and their children’s future.

Allow for uninterrupted questions and emotions.

Discuss the constitutional amendments:

Use this as a chance to educate your children.

What can you do as a family:

Write to your local congressman, let them talk to their friends.

Educate those in your community.

Advocate by connecting with local organizations.

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