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Big Rapids Homeowners Clean Up After Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rain storms caused several issues in Big Rapids Wednesday afternoon, including lots of flash flooding in and around the city.

“On the side of our house, it looks like a river,” said homeowner Michael Pennock.

Pennock said the highest point of flooding at his house was around 2:30, and there was water everywhere.

“Our backyard was completely under water, our neighbor’s house and backyards are mostly underwater,” he said.

It’s something he’s never seen before.

“We’ve been here about 30 years and we’ve seen some issues where we had high levels,” said Pennock. “But nothing to this capacity.”

A few houses down, Austin McClure found water in his basement.

“I was actually downstairs and I didn’t hear anything until the rain actually stopped,” said McClure. “That’s when I heard a noise, and I went in back and I saw that our back room had water past the door frame, and it wad starting to flood into the rest of the basement.”

The water flooding in to his home left at least a foot of water in his basement.

“Right now we have a little pump going, just trying to get out what we can before we have some kind of restoration company come out and take a look at it,” said McClure.

Now, homeowners are left to clean up after the flood.

“We probably won’t know until it actually gets to the point where we can see damage until our backyard is down to grass,” said Pennock.