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You Might Need a Night Light for Podcast ‘Scary Stories for Creepy Kids!’

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We were all once afraid of the dark…maybe we believed that monsters lived under our bed…

But no matter how much time passes, one thing remains the same– we all have a scary story to share!

For sisters, Calla (age 6) and Ayla (age 8), the two were kinda born into the love for spooky stories. Their mother, Tara Rybicki, always had a love for horror movies and all things scary. She told herself that she’d get rid of her horror movie collection once she became pregnant.

The two sisters naturally gravitated toward scary things, and approached their parents about starting a podcast.  With the help of mom and dad, they titled it, ‘.’ Their episodes, featured on Apple Podcasts, are short and filled with spooky (yet silly!) stories, inspired by their own experiences. Putting them right next to famous Goosebumps author, R.L. Stine’s Story Club Podcast.

Their newest venture– a book! Featuring their scary stories, and some kid-friendly recipes as well. They are currently raising money on their own to publish their book, you can help them reach their goal .

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