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MacArthur Lock Still Closed For Repairs, Expected to Open First Week of June

Maintenance on one of the Soo Locks has taken longer than expected.

The Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie has two locks: the larger Poe Lock and the smaller MacArthur Lock.

It’s the smaller lock that has been delayed in opening up. It was originally planned to open mid-April.

Some of the components are 80 years old and need repair. One is the powertrain.

The powertrain for the fill and empty valves has gears that are over 2,000 pounds, then came issues with getting the right parts.

“The problem was that one of the subcontractors, there were some problems with some of the parts,” said Kevin Sprague, area engineer of the Army Corps of Engineers. “And now one of our local machine shops have stepped in and they have really been able to help bring it back on-track.”

The MacArthur Lock is expected to be open by the first week of June.