Inside The Kitchen at The Highway Brewing Company

“We always loved the bones of the building, we thought it was a neat history,” said Erin Resteiner, as she described The Highway Brewing Company in West Branch.

What you now know as the restaurant used to be the West Branch Fire Hall.

“We think in the late 1800s,” she said.

Owners Erin and Ethan Resteiner salvaged and repurposed every brick they could when they turned it into a restaurant in 2018.

“We have a lot of people who have had their families live here for generations, so I think we really wanted to honor that,” Erin said.

Now serving West Branch with meals using locally sourced ingredients like the lamb burger.

“It’s one of our favorites here,” said chef Brent Garrison.

He says it comes from Great Lakes Lamb in Ogemaw County.

But The Highway Brewing Company likes to take a few detours out of northern Michigan.

“Called the Road Trip Series, we are The Highway so it’s kind of a play on words with that,” Erin described.

They take inspiration from different regions or countries, and try their own take on the food there.

The next stop on the map is Hawaii, Friday and Saturday.

“That has like lomi lomi salmon, which is a pretty traditional way to cure the salmon in Hawaii,” said Erin, describing the nachos. “I hope it’s really just an honorable nod to Hawaii.”

It all pairs perfectly with one of their roughly ten beers on tap.

Erin’s husband Ethan started brewing beer when he was in college.

“The beer tasted awful and it went down the drain,” she laughed. “He has gotten much better, it kind of ignited this passion in him.”

One of their flagship beers is called Angry Bride.

“We have different versions of this story, so I am glad I am here telling you mine,” she laughed.

She says Ethan brewed beer the day before their wedding.

“It’s a very long process, so he was out of commission for the day brewing beer when I didn’t think that was the wisest choice, so the name of that beer got dubbed ‘Angry Bride,’” Erin said.

The wedding came after Erin and Ethan were in a long distance relationship, always on the highway.

“We felt like connected us, we were always on the highway, we were always driving to one another,” she said.

Now, connecting to you, with The Highway Brewing Company.

“On a broader scheme, yes it connected us, but we also wanted it to be where people could connect here and our community could connect,” she said.

You can find The Highway Brewing Company at 209 W. Houghton Avenue, and call them at 989-701-2739.

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